About Us

Trying to determine which college or university is best qualified to meet your unique academic, professional and lifestyle objectives can be a difficult and time consuming endeavor. CollegeSearchDatabase.com was developed to help aspiring students and education minded professionals quickly and easily make better, more informed choices by providing them with highly detailed and comprehensive college information and data, that is relevant, reliable and up to date.

Our database includes information and data on over 7,000 U.S. colleges, universities and higher education institutions. Information presented includes college address and contact details, tuition, expenses and fees, financial aid options, admissions information, application contacts, degree programs and majors, graduation rates, retention rates, campus crime statistics, athletics groups, and much more. All data presented is provided directly by each individual college via annual surveys sponsored by state and federal government agencies (i.e, National Center for Education Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.) As such, all data is free from commercial bias and is updated regularly.

Our Search Technology

The search technology that we employ is the best around and allows you to see our rankings and search for the best colleges and advices that fits your need.

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